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Documenting a Yiddish Treasure

This project was created to honour and document a remarkable life, and an outstanding artistic personality. Arkady Gendler (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) is one of the greatest living treasures of Yiddish song and language, cherished throughout the world for his phenomenal repertoire and memory, his remarkable voice as well as his fine sense of humour, his generous nature, and his gentle manner. 

Remembering and performing an astonishing wealth of Yiddish song repertoire, Arkady began to write himself late in life, creating a number of new songs of exceptional musical and poetic quality. Most of these precious original songs had not yet been recorded, some of them had never been performed.

The project, conducted by Christian Dawid, gathered together an international group of artists and scholars to document these songs in musical notation, Yiddish typesetting, Latin and Cyrillic transcriptions of the original Yiddish, and English and Russian translations.

Moving towards recording, the creation of an appropriate musical environment seemed of central importance - the aesthetics of the cultural world that Arkady’s compositions and poetry represent are hardly practised anymore.

Christian Dawid researched the stylistic background, wrote new musical arrangements for all of the songs and eventually recorded with Arkady and a small chamber ensemble in October 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

The recordings, including comprehensive documentation, photographs, biographical and musicological essays, were published in September 2012 by Golden Horn Records, California.

musicians, linguists, editors, photographers, designers, fundraisers, networkers, researchers, ethnographers, musicologists, archivists and helping hands:

Dieter Behr, Alan Bern, Lisa Bolyos, Dovid Braun, Paul Brody, Christian Dawid, Josh Dolgin, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Agnes Führlinger, Robert Gadek, Suzanna Ghergus, Dina Gidon, Paul Glasser, Dorothea Greve, Roman Grinberg, Motl Gordon, Itzik Gottesman, Nesya Gurdus, Merike Hilmar, Josh Horowitz, Magdalena Hutter, Stella Jürgensen, Rokhl Kafrissen, Daniel Kahn, Dov-Ber Kerler, Christian Kögel, Psoy Korolenko, Svetlana Kundish, Zhenya Lopatnik, Georg Luksch, Sasha Lurje, Avia Moore, Joel Rubin, Ryan Purchase, Pete Rushefsky, Asya Schulman, Merlin Shepherd, Polina Shepherd, Anatoliy Shveld, Lorin Sklamberg, Dmitri Slepovitch, Irina Slepovitch, Eric Stein, Ates Temeltas, Nandor Szederkenyi, Yuri Vedenyapin, Jeff Warschauer, w417, Janina Wurbs, Yana Yanover, Sarah Zarrow

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